Tigers and Wolves Visit Horizon Aviation

IMG_6691Miss Coreena’s Tiger and Wolf dens visited Horizon Aviation on April 3rd.  They learned all about planes, what their made of, white the different types are and about the parts of the plane.  They saw different examples of planes such as a single engine, twin engine and biplanes.  They learned that biplanes have wheel skirts to help them go faster.



They learned that anyone can get their private pilot license.  The boys got to go out onto the airfield and sit in two different types of Cesna planes.  Thank you to Horizon Aviation for allowing our boys to stop by and visit and learn more about planes.

The Race to the Finish!

By Joshua Befumo, Sr. Webelos

Race BannerOn February first, 2014 Pack One Warwick had the Pinewood Derby.Flo's Cafe It had the best food like donuts, pizza, nachos, hotdogs, and chili.  Another derby favorite that cannot be forgotten is Cub Scout popcorn!

There were all sorts of cars. One looked like a ruler and another one looked like a penguin with fuzzy pink earmuffs and a scarf. One car was an army tank and another was a C7. Some cars were sports themed and there was even a brownie troop car from one of the siblings. There was even a car that was a man and another that was a pig. Some of the cars are pictured here.Cars

Each den had people to race and they even had a division for the siblings and adults to race. Boy scouts were there to judge in categories like most original, best design and best paint job. It was a lot of fun!

More cars